The Importance of Showing Up

One thing I’ve noticed about Christchurch, that never ceases to amaze me, is that everyone turns up.

It could be symptomatic of losing a slew of businesses and community events following the earthquakes, but nevertheless, it’s impressive!

In Toronto, I had friends from different areas of my life and everyone was always busy. When planning an event, one would anticipate that many of the people who had RSVP’d wouldn’t actually show up. We all cancelled with grace (via text message) with perfectly reasonable excuses.

Being constantly attached to our devices, it’s all too easy to cancel or postpone plans at the very last minute. In fact, it’s usually expected that one of two parties will bail. My friends and I would confirm plans a few hours beforehand in a subtle, offhanded way: “I’m just hopping on the TTC now, see you in thirty,” ensuring the other party was also on their way.

In Christchurch, if you say you’ll go, you go.

The city’s collective commitment to showing up astounds me. And this commitment extends to cultural events like the Chinese Lantern Festival, Holi and Japan Day where it seems like the whole city is in attendance.

So, on a somewhat unrelated note, here are a few photos from Holi and Japan Day last weekend!









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