Unicorn Dreams!

Happy Sunday, I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

I have no qualms about my unicorn piñata.

In anticipation of my 26th birthday, I decided to plan a little get together with some of my friends. Our apartment building has a party room, which was ideal for the 3o or so guests that came over. (Thank you to everyone who took time out of their schedules to stop by!) We had a wonderful evening, complete with a unicorn piñata and scrumptious vanilla bean cake from Bake Shoppe, which Natalie graciously supplied. The company was absolutely amazing, and I feel so fortunate to have such lovely people in my life!

Despite this year’s surprisingly seamless soirée, I’ve always felt a little conflicted about birthdays. While I enjoy anything celebratory, my December birthday has often proved problematic. December 17 is so darn close to the holidays. Office parties and family are a priority. Spare time is spent shopping, baking, and planning for any of the sixteen events happening that very moment.  It’s FRIGID outside for those of us inhabiting the Northern Hemisphere. Roads are slippery, transportation takes longer regardless of the method, and additional layers must be added to every outfit. Furthermore, hibernation is a tactic employed by many to cope with these dropping temperatures. All valid excuses, I must say.

So as much as I love confetti, sprinkles, and cake, I do occasionally resent the conditions surrounding my birthday. Unsurprisingly, my best birthdays were spent in Hawaii and New Zealand, where the days were long and the heat was plentiful.

Angelica, the unicorn, didn’t survive the night.

Enough whining though, I had a fabulous time on Friday and I’m now one year closer to THIRTY. Or as my friend Jess would say, “thirty, flirty, and thriving,” which I think is actually a “30 Going on 13” quote…?! As far as we’re concerned, thirty is when we’ll have our lives sorted out and be super confident, kick ass women. I’ll drink to that!

Is anyone else obsessed with birthday cake?

Birthday cake ice cream (not to be confused with ice cream cake) is my FAVOURITE. What’s better than delicious vanilla ice cream laced with cake and sprinkles? Nothing as far as I’m concerned. This cake from Bake Shoppe was incredible, vanilla bean and not too sweet. I’m still having dreams about it.

How do you feel about birthdays? Do you like celebrating or do you secretly wish you could avoid yours altogether? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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