For the love of Toronto

Living in Toronto and learning the intricacies of its urban layout has been thrilling for both Nick and I. He found his calling in the transit sector, increasing his already heightened interest in geography, design, and planning. I’ve always been fascinated by urban geography, and even enrolled in a Cities and Urbanism course at university. Comprehending the issues that surround cities is central to understanding modern human societies. Needless to say, we were both thrilled to hear SPACING Magazine was opening their very own shop, dedicated to all things Toronto.

While Toronto has an excellent array of general stores including The Drake General Store, Likely General, and North Standard Trading Post, it was missing a store committed to the fascinating urban fabric of our city. “Canadian Urbanism Uncovered” is SPACING’s motto and the shop is educational and well-laid out (so to speak). T-shirts emblazoned with “What Would Jane Jacobs Do?” sit alongside neighbourhood maps (and toques by Tuck Shop Trading Co.) There are prints by local artists and cycling accessories, encouraging consumers to support local makers and more environmental forms of transport.

The SPACING store is located at 401 Richmond Street West, in Toronto’s Entertainment District.

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