Pura Vida

Having lived away from Canada’s brutally cold winters for a few years, I had almost forgotten the necessity (I use that term loosely) of escaping to a warmer climate. If only for a few days, a spot a sun can do wonders for your mental health. My family doesn’t usually head south during the winter months; my parents preferred tormenting us as youngsters, with ski trips to the Rockies in -30 degree weather. I’m kidding, of course, but wind chill is sometimes more painful than sunburn. This year, however, they won a trip through Honda, and my sisters and I tagged along because, well, family vacations need not end simply because you’ve reached adulthood.

I’m a little late on uploading these photos from my recent trip to Costa Rica. Better late than never, right?

If you can’t get away for a few days, here are some of my other solutions to combat the winter chills:

1. Have a spa day

Come on, you deserve it! There are options abound for relaxing in Toronto. Or, if you’re pinching pennies, just grab a $2 face mask and paint your nails coral.

2. Try a Bikram yoga class

Yoga’s the perfect way to focus your energy and challenge yourself. Add a lil’ bit of heat, and bam, it’s a workout! You’ll feel sweaty, rejuvenated, and ready to take on your day.

3. Wrap yourself in a floor-length cardigan (ankle-length cardis are all the rage these days) and hit up your favourite café.

Extra points if they serve brunch and booze.

4. Gratitude.

There are people who can’t afford heating or a warm bowl of soup. Let’s appreciate the fact that we have warm homes to return to every night.

5. Enjoy the snow. 

My Kiwi friend’s reaction to the snow in Saskatchewan was priceless, and made me appreciate Canadian winters if only for a second. Put on a toque and your thickest socks, and go sledding.

It’s now March, and I think we’re nearing the end of winter here in Toronto. Here’s hoping!

xoxo, Vanessa

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