Club Monaco and other news.


Hi friends!

A lot has happened in my life as of late. Rather than lament the negative, I have decided to focus on the overwhelmingly positive aspects of my summer thus far.

I have recently started a job with Club Monaco, which is one of my favourite companies. I’m working at the original store on Queen Street West that opened in Toronto in 1985. It is literally one block from my apartment, and if you know me, you know this is worth mentioning. I love being within walking distance of everything. Since Club Monaco was purchased by Polo Ralph Lauren, they have adopted a much trendier, cutting-edge aesthetic. My older sister, Stephanie was an avid Club Monaco customer since she was five (I’m partially kidding) and through her, I kept up with the company. I fell in love with their visual displays and digital platforms. Their website is spectacular as are their Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Their clothes suit the business/professional lifestyle that I will one day attain!

In other news, I will be attending Osheaga music festival in Montréal again this year! I am beyond thrilled to check out my favourite artists in one of my favourite cities. My sister, Natalie will be joining me and we’ll be meeting up with other friends as well.

I was also able to spend nearly two weeks at home in Saskatchewan with my immediate and extended family. The circumstances that brought us together were less than ideal, but I’ll cherish these moments regardless. I’ve always been close to my family and these past two weeks have magnified these feelings of gratitude. I am truly blessed to have an abundance of relatives who care about my wellbeing.

I have a few more exciting things to tell you, but I’ll wait until next time!

Until then,

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