Style Influences

Moving to Canada, Toronto in particular, has undoubtedly impacted my sense of style. Whether it was the continent hopping or simply transitioning from full-time student to full-time intern, I’ve been forced to relinquish my ‘homeless-chic’ fashion sense (a term so lovingly coined by my dear friend, Adrian.)

The study of style has always been of interest to me. How we evolve over time and accumulate new life experiences certainly impacts our sense of style. I appreciate the various social media platforms at our disposal. They enable us to so easily chronicle our daily lives in such a visual and powerful way.

My sense of style has certainly evolved since high school. Whilst in New Zealand, I was obsessed with the quirky, tongue-in-cheek designs of Karen Walker, Ruby and Huffer (more on Huffer later…) eventually embracing the more streamlined looks of Moochi, Country Road and Zambesi. Like most Aucklanders, I wore a lot of black and adopted a minimalistic approach to hair and makeup. I love how my New Zealander friends and classmates mix high fashion with consignment steals and messy hair. Their “I’ll be damned” attitude is conveyed in everything they do and wear, as if they had just spent their noon hour having a dip in the Pacific.

However, working in an office environment, many of my favourite garments have been stashed away at my parents’ home in Saskatchewan, waiting for the next road trip or indie music festival. Lately, I’m finding my style veers towards the preppier, buttoned-up looks of J.Crew and Kate Spade. Club Monaco is another old standard that can do no wrong in my eyes.

Who influences your sense of style? Or rather who influences your style? Is it your present geographic region? The current trends in your part of the world? Is it a combination of your travel experiences and the cities you’ve visited? Surely you are influenced by the climate and your friends, but what else drives the way you present yourself to the world every day?

For me, my style is an accumulation of all my experiences. From growing up in rural Saskatchewan to travelling to Europe for the first time to completing my BA in the Southern Hemisphere, and everything in between. Here are some of my favourite outfits over the past few years:

xoxo, Vanessa

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