Are You a Hipster?

Ten signs you are in fact a hipster:

1. Your new haircut resembles that of Dan Humphrey in the final season of Gossip Girl. 

2. You wear a beanie in the summertime.

3. You’ve recently started your career as a professional blogger, and you thrive on posting photos of all the ways you can style your Chucks.

4. You’ve suddenly developed an obsession with Scandinavia, particularly Denmark. You read Scandinavian Street Style blogs like they are going out of style.

5. You wear more plaid than a lumberjack.

6. You work at American Apparel or are seriously considering attending one of their ‘open-call auditions’ this Wednesday.

7. You own more than one Apple product.

8. You love instagramming photos of latte art and stop hanging out with people when you realize they drink Starbucks and Tim Hortons.

9. You hate when people dance or even sway at concerts.

10. Finally, check out this video to determine once and for all if you’re a hipster:

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