Auckland, again!

Long time, no talk! My apologies for the lack of updates. Since we last spoke, I have been accumulating some air miles, travelling to New Zealand, back to Saskatchewan, and then visiting South Africa. Oh, the excitement! 2012 has truly been an adventure and a half. I spent the last moments of the year on a safari at Kruger National Park, and sipping wine with my family and new international friends. I am incredibly thankful for everything I’ve experienced over the past year, all the wonderful souls I’ve met, and for the beautiful collection of memories. My internship at Ottawa Magazine was a rewarding learning experience, especially since I didn’t study journalism at university. I was able to contribute to both the print and online editions of the magazine, fact-check the most engaging articles, and partake in thought-provoking discussions about the future of the industry and more specifically, our publication. I finished my internship at the end of October, and I decided to venture back to New Zealand (my spiritual homeland and also the place where many of my dear friends and boyfriend reside!) It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay away from this magical place.

My visit consisted of many lunch and coffee dates, birthday celebrations, several concerts, (The Black Keys and Coldplay, no less!) a beautiful getaway to Nick’s beach house in Mangawhai, and a yacht excursion! I also had the opportunity to pick up my degree from The University of Auckland and take graduation photos!

South African photos coming soon!

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