Prairie Girl Takes on ONTARIO.

Greetings from our nation’s capital: Ottawa!

I have recently embarked on a new editorial journey with Ottawa Magazine and Where Ottawa, and there is already much to report! It all happened so fast, I barely had time to blink – or to find an apartment. Despite having spent two and a half years in Auckland, which I (unlike my Torontonian friends) consider a big city, I’ve found myself more than flustered since landing in Ottawa. When I initially drafted this entry, I was only due to commence my first internship the following morning. I poured my heart out in a paragraph-length monologue about anticipating this momentous occasion, feeling a bit uneasy about my accommodation options (or lack thereof). As much as I’d like to use this time to vent, complain, and deliberate this issue, I’ll save you the pity party and move on to more readable content. I’m now located in a lovely loft nestled in Little Italy, just off Preston. It’s absolutely charming, and a brisk ten-minute walk from the office!

Luckily, I was able to spend my first night in a hotel to give me time to prepare for the week’s events and the big move. As I opened the drawer to find a map, I came across a Where Ottawa guide brimming with local events, restaurants and sights! How exciting! Leafing through this magazine gave me some perspective, enabled me to relax and breathe during an otherwise daunting situation. After thumbing through a few articles, I decided to call a few of the tenants and to sort out my apartment qualms.

After a few meet and greets, my friend Patrick called me and we went out for poutine (an Ontario/Quebec tradition) in the Byward Market area. As I familiarize myself with Ottawa and my new position, I’ll take some photos of my excursions. Flashforward to today, I’ve been at the magazine for two weeks now (with a quick jaunt to Toronto thrown in the mix) and I’m learning so much! My first day on the job consisted of proofreading (which is pretty standard for editorial interns) and research for two of my own articles! I was pleasantly surprised by these assignments as interns usually spend a lot of time editing and not a lot of time writing. I’ve now conducted my first batch of interviews, and my favourite was with a young entrepreneur, Rosina Mahlangu. She grew up in Toronto, but attended university in Ottawa. She’s young, a year younger than me, but so ambitious, bright-eyed and motivated. Meeting with her on Thursday morning downtown Ottawa was the highlight of my week because her energy was contagious. She’s the founder of a fashion consulting company and she’s already appeared on CTV and in various local publications and media outlets. She hosts her own events, with the help of a single assistant and a newly-hired intern. Pretty impressive for twenty-two, right?

As I’ve now finished two weeks on the job, I’m ready to explore everything Ottawa has to offer. During my time off last week, I went to Toronto to meet my future boss at Weddingbells Magazine as well as catch up with some friends and my dad who was attending a business meeting. Here are some photos from Kensington Market (an eclectic, interesting neighbourhood that has great shock-value!)

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