It appears I have the attention span of a goldfish.

After starting a travel blog at the end of 2010, following my first semester at the University of Auckland, I discarded la vie en tie-dye after two pitiful posts. Two posts. It’s not that I haven’t had a lot to write about. In fact, even I can barely keep up! This is probably what I have desperately needed over the past two years while living in New Zealand and travelling the world. I have had multiple requests from friends living overseas who wanted to stay in touch. So, here goes attempt no. 2 (or fourteen, but who’s counting?)

Upon departing the ivory towers of university (albeit temporarily) last month, I’m ready to set foot in the real world. At least this is what I am perpetually telling myself. Self-doubt somehow always seems to cloud my thoughts, rendering me insecure and fearful. How will I ever fill the three-inch Louboutins of a big, working girl? Moving to Auckland was a challenge in itself due to both the distance and unfamiliarity. However, having already completed a semester abroad in 2009 – the leap felt natural. I told myself I would thrive in a big(ish) city and Auckland’s  1.5 million seemed like the perfect fit for my small-town, prairie girl troubles. Indeed it was, and my two years as an English major (after transferring from MSU) flew by. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts, and a eclectic bunch of amazing friends who intrigue, inspire and perplex me, it is now time for life’s next big challenge. I rather rapidly decided this meant leaving New Zealand for the more abundant job market of North America. Clearly, I’m still deciding whether this was the right decision for me.

While I ruminate this decision, I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite Auckland memories and things. As any Kiwi-implant can tell you, New Zealand has a FANTASTIC and refreshing design scene. Wellington, the arty capital of cool, features amazing cafes and boutiques frequented by the country’s best artists. Auckland (despite its sprawl and public transport issues) possesses some the most diverse, well-heeled suburbs I have ever encountered. Obviously, I have developed a fascination with New Zealand’s small, but incredibly distinct fashion scene. Oh, if I could but spend another semester in Auckland, I would have my Nikon permanently strapped to my shoulder in order to capture some of the looks of the moment. Kiwis are a daring bunch, and university life in Auckland provided me with some of the best style moments in my twenty-three years.

Here are some of my favourite local looks: (courtesy of Auckland Street Style)

I’m in love with these Ruby stretch cords, she pulls them off on fashionable High Street in Auckland.

Karen Walker is a hit for all ages, especially when paired down with Converse sneakers.

Aucklanders are known for wearing lots of black, especially in the cold, rainy months of June, July and August. I love the billowy long skirt with the casual jumper on top.

It is true, nobody does knitwear like Ruby and nobody looks as fabulous in Ruby as Nicole Warner from Gary Pepper Vintage.

More to come on Saskatchewan summers.


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