How To Stay Sane While Planning A Wedding

With less than four months until our wedding, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how all the planning is going. There’s no denying I’m excited for the big day to arrive, but it’s definitely an exhausting process if I’m completely honest.

From guest lists to napkin colours, hens party planning and rehearsal dinners, there’s a lot to consider. I’ve been asked to review a handful of itineraries for my Canadian visitors and so wish I had more time to help because trip planning is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE THING TO DO.

As a detail-oriented person, all the options can feel overwhelming. And lately, I’ve been finding just how important it is to take time out. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a big event or milestone of any kind, I encourage you to take time out to recharge as well. Not only will you appreciate the day so much more, it will help you avoid burnout. So, here are a few of my tried and true ways of saying sane during hectic times…

Release control
While it isn’t exactly characteristic of me to relinquish control, I’m coming to terms with just how vital it is. There are certain factors of your wedding day (or event) that are beyond your control — the weather, whether your guests will like the food and whether everything will go as planned (newsflash: it won’t!) In the end, it truly doesn’t matter, so move on. Further to this, there are planning elements you should leave to others (including your husband or wife to be…)


Hire a planner
I know I’ve covered this in previous blog posts, but working with a stylist and the planning team at Riccarton House has SAVED me. We’ve had regular meetings to discuss the finer details of the day and it’s really helped ease my fears (I’m definitely an anxious person). I’m also super indecisive, so this helps me bounce ideas off someone else. They know what they’re doing and can come to the rescue with the perfect recommendation to any problem I encounter. They also think of things that wouldn’t even cross my mind, so that’s a win in my books.

Take time out
Taking time out means different things to different people, but be sure you have days where you’re not thinking or talking about the upcoming event. Nick and I have started focusing on our five-year plan because we’ve been so preoccupied with the wedding over the past few months and has become a bit of a barrier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an exciting time, but don’t allow it to distract you from living in the present and enjoying your relationship as it is now.

Book yourself in for a massage or facial
I’m the first to admit, I love a spa day. I’ve actually just booked my mom and sisters in for a pamper sesh a few days before my wedding. Massages and facials are wonderful investments in my opinion, you can’t put a price on looking after yourself and your mental health. And after being hunched over my desk all day, nothing feels better than having someone work out all the stress.

Exercise regularly
Exercise has always been important to me, but more so in the lead-up to our wedding. I’ve been careful not to focus too much on losing weight, after all I want to look like myself. But exercise is such a good way to combat stress and feel more focused and alert. I find I’m always more productive after a workout class.

Organise a menu tasting
We haven’t yet had our menu tasting, but I’ve been told it’s one of the most fun elements of wedding preparation. Our friends recently had theirs and they loved getting to sample everything and deciding what to serve. Riccarton House is home to the local farmers market, which is extra special to us. Being able to plan an event with a seasonal menu that supports local growers and producers sounds pretty incredible to me.


Spend less
As much as it’d be nice to have millions to spend on all the finer details, it’s more important to plan a fun day that your guests will enjoy. After all, your event should be about spending time with your guests. Personally, I’d much rather have an enjoyable, low-key gathering without draining my bank account.

Site visits
If you live close to your venue, visit often. Get a feel for the space and how you see the day unfolding. I’m lucky in that I can pop by Riccarton House for a coffee or an Aperol Spritz (they do the best spritzes) whenever I like. The grounds are frequented by cyclists, runners, locals and tourists, which makes for a lovely environment. I’m also a regular at the Christchurch Farmers Market, which gives me plenty of menu inspiration.

Well, there you have some of my tricks for staying sane while planning the biggest event of my life (so far). Are you planning a wedding and if so, what’s been your saving grace?

Photos by Malia Rose



4 thoughts on “How To Stay Sane While Planning A Wedding

  1. My partner and I starting using Trello for our wedding which is coming in in Jan. It’s great to know there’s one central list and it allows you to assign tasks, set deadlines, and add notes. It’s been a lifesaver since we’re not using a wedding planner.

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