Tuesday Tunics

Dunedin Fashion Week


I’ve always admired New Zealand designers for their focus on creating quality fabrics and wearable garments. I admire the ethical means and methods by which they produce their clothing. Many Kiwi designers still make their own fabrics and garments in-house. Others work closely with factories and mills overseas. Speaking to a handful of the country’s most respected designers, I learned about the whole creative process and what goes into making a collection.

I’m a big fan of wearing the same pieces over and over again, giving them new meaning with each wear. Timeless staples will always have a place in my wardrobe and I’m drawn to pieces that are well-made. My ankle boots have been worn to dinner dates, weddings, job interviews and now, fashion week. I’ll wear them out, probably re-sole them, and continue wearing them.



_E2A0131 (1)

Also, my eyes are partially closed in this photo, but I love the staircase too much to care!

_E2A0135 (1)

All photos by Luke Foley-Martin.

Vintage coat by Zambesi
Veer tunic by Moochi
Handbag by Deadly Ponies via Belle Bird Boutique

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