Toronto Concert Checklist


After living in Auckland, I didn’t think my live music experiences could get any better! Little did I know, Toronto’s also quite an amazing city for music. We’re having a music moment. I’ve been researching concerts for the past few hours, and OHEMGEE, there are some amazing bands venturing to the Big Smoke. These are the bands I am really dying to see:

Flume – September 5th
Rumour has it, Sydney boy, Harley Streten puts on quite the show. His electronic, dance beats are catchy and memorable. He’s certainly one to watch. I’m addicted to Holdin On.

Lorde – October 6th

From Auckland’s North Shore, Lorde (Ella Yelich-O’Connor) is only sixteen, but she’s taking New Zealand and the world by storm.  Her album is due thi Mostly sold-out, her show at the Danforth Music Hall (fantastic venue) will have us yearning for more.

The Naked and Famous – October 14th

So, this concert is taking place on Canadian Thanksgiving, and I had initially planned on returning home to see my family. I’m now reconsidering what day I’ll fly home to Saskatchewan because I can’t miss a performance by The Naked and Famous (I’ve seen them three times in New Zealand…) even if they are playing at Sound Academy (Toronto’s worst venue). A few weeks ago, I posted this video of their newest track.

Stars September 1st (FREE concert at Nathan Philips Square!)
Deerhunter – September 12th
– September 15th
Serena Ryder – September 20th
Austra – September 27th
Two Door Cinema Club – October 15th
Cocorosie – October 15th
Noah and the Whale – October 19th
The Weeknd – October 20th
The Paper Kites – November 7th

So, who wants to join me on my Toronto concert frenzy?

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