Summer Fashion Trends

I am officially on a shopping ban.


You read that correctly. I’ve made a bet with an undisclosed individual that I will not shop for the entire summer, that is until September 2013. Those who know me know how challenging this endeavour will be. However, it has forced me to go through my closet and work with the already abundant selection of garments I have.

Without further ado, here are my six favourite summertime trends:

1. Lace. I have a thing for lace, and nothing beats a white-hot lace top with high-waisted denim shorts, or a vibrant pink lace skirt paired with a denim button-down shirt. Bring it on.

2. Denim shirts. Yes, I am Canadian and yes, I do love denim more than your average bear. It just goes with everything and it is easygoing, unpretentious and casual. I feel as though anyone can wear denim, which I love. I’ll be rocking my denim shirts and denim jackets all summer long.

3. Basket-weaver sandals. While I’m not sure the official name for these sandals, but I must say I’m in love. Paired with anything from a floral sundress to a striped t-shirt and shorts, basket-weaver sandals are the way to go this summer. I bought a Steve Madden pair (pre-ban) for $30, what a steal!

4. Dungarees. Okay, so I could call them overalls, but I much prefer the British term, “dungarees” because it’s more fun to say! Socialites all over the globe have made this a must-try summer trend, and I can’t help but love the effortless look.

5. Summer sequins. Who can resist a little glitter? Pair a sequin skirt with a white top or sweater in the summertime for a look that takes you from day to night. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and chic to avoid overkill.

6. Calf-length skirts. Come on, show off a little calf. I love where these skirts hit the leg, they aren’t quite maxi. No time for a pedicure? No problem, just lace up your boots or brogues.


xoxo, Vanessa


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